Speaker Testimonials from Prospecting & Recruiting Summit 2017

Hi it’s Nicola!  I had such a wonderful experience at Ray Higdon’s Prospecting & Recruiting Summit 2017!  I truly enjoyed speaking on the topic, “Overcoming Fear and Rejection” in Network Marketing and I had an overwhelming response of network marketers wanting to discuss it!

I am more convinced than ever that I’m going to be giving more training and sharing more of my secret weapons in network marketing that has helped me to achieve great success and build a big network marketing team!

Below, I share some of the video testimonials of the event participants:

Susan shares how she was moved by Nicola Smith Jackson’s presentation on How to Overcome Fear in Network Marketing.

Juan Geronimo shares how he’s going to put into action Nicola Smith Jackson’s message of “Start and end your day with personal growth”.

Jake Hendrickson shares that the biggest thing that hit him is the fact that Nicola Smith Jackson has overcome so much and that it truly inspired him.

Marcia Ford shares how Nicola Smith Jackson is her mentor and that she truly inspired her during the Overcoming Fear in Network Marketing Presentation.

Jess Henderson from Brisbane Australia shares how Nicola Smith Jackson’s presentation on Overcoming Fear in Network Marketing was just what she needed!

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